Eco-Friendly Services

If the contents of your fire extinguisher have been used or are too old, it is important to properly dispose of it or get a refill. Here's how to dispose of your extinguisher in an environmentally-friendly manner.
  • If you are positive the extinguisher is completely empty, remove the head and recycle the body. The tank of a fire extinguisher is made of highly-recyclable steel, while the spraying mechanism contains brass and plastic.
  • If it still contains chemicals, either call your fire department (you might be able to exchange the unit or get it recharged) or take it to a household hazardous waste event. Since the contents are under pressure, it could explode if sent out with your regular waste.
  • Different fire extinguishers work to remove the different ingredients of fire: Water extinguishers remove heat while carbon dioxide and dry chemicals remove oxygen. Make sure you know what type you have so you know what refill options apply to you.
Share the knowledge. If you're going to the fire department for refills or disposal, invite some friends! Have a group trip to your local fire department for group reusing and recycling. You can make sure your home equipment is up to par and keep some hazardous trash out of our landfills.
Redi Fire Prevention is doing it's part in providing customers a refill program for expired extinguishers. We take your expired extinguisher and replace it with one of equal value that has been serviced at our office. This keeps the extinguishers out of our landfills and contributes to a cleaner environment for all of us. Do your part and ask about our refill program.

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