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Imagine the thrill of sound throughout your home, without giving up shelf or floor space! In the kitchen, bedroom, workroom or even bathroom, the virtually invisible in-wall and in-ceiling flush mount speakers go anywhere you want great sound.

In-wall flush mount speakers use the same technologies and premium materials used in more traditional box speakers. Wide dispersion dynamic balance components deliver well balanced sound through-out your room, and aimable tweeters let you direct the high frequencies for even more control (and excellent imaging even in off-axis listening situations). They’re timbre-matched for use as hidden sound speakers with any home theater system.

Go from the box directly into the wall-if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll be glad to know that there’s no pre-assembly needed; mounting system is fast and easy and if you find you’d rather have someone else do it, EDP Security Systems offers professional installations and services.

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HM1Quick and Easy Installation of Surround Sound Speakers. The HM-1's spring clip connectors allow for the hook-up of two front, two rear and a center channel speaker. A sixth connector is available for a subwoofer. The rear of the plate features the security and convenience of screw down connectors for a clean and fast install.

* No Protection
* Standard Style Plate Only
* Depth of Rear Connectors: 1"
* Rear Connectors Accept Up To 14 Gauge Wire
* Polymer or Metal Two-gang plate only

LM3Compatible With Any Kind of Stereo Receiver or Amplifier...Ideal for Spec Houses and Systems, the LM-3 connects to any amplifier safely. Even if the amplifier is series connected internally, the LM-3's unique proprietory design maintains a safe load and enables up to five pairs of speakers to be installed in parallel with independent volume controls. Now you can safely install a multi-room system without knowing what kind of stereo will be installed. With the LM-3, it will work just fine.

* Autoformer Protection
* 300 Watts Maximum Power
* Up to 5 Pairs of Speakers Powered by One Amplifier
* 4 Pairs Throughout The House, 1 Pair Locally
* Gold Binding Post Inputs and Outputs on Front

StealthThe Revolutionary Modular Design of the Stealth IRTarget incorporates a simple but revolutionary innovation - by breaking the electronic circuitry and the infrared detector into two separate modules, the visible parts of the IRTarget are miniaturized to the ultimate degree.
Now, Professional Installers have hundreds of viable ways to conceal a remote relay system. The tiny Stealth IRTarget can be hidden in books, plants, speaker grilles, on lamps, inside fixtures and appliances, wherever your imagination can take you!
Easily Expand Any IR System. The Stealth IRTarget works with Audioplex, Niles and Xantech systems. Simple, optional connection points enable installations to be made with any IR system.
InWall IRTarget
VC IRTarget
InwallirTalkback and System Status LED's End Customer Confusion. Operation of concealed equipment can be confusing to your customers. Since you cannot see the components, you may not know if they are on or off. With Audioplex's revolutionary miniaturized displays, a single ultra bright two color LED lets you know the systems status. The LED flashes RED if the batteries are good in the remote control. The LED lights GREEN when the system is use-already-on. If your system is off, the LED is off. With the In-wall IRTarget, confusion is gone.
Easily Expand Any System. The In-wall IRTarget works with Audioplex, Niles and Xantech IR systems. Simple, optional connection points enable installations to be made with any IR system.
VcirtargetUltra-Long Range and Wide Compatibility. Now all of the necessary controls for a multi-room system are combined into one single gang wall plate. Adjust the room volume independently with the rotary knob. Control all remote control functions from hand held IR remote controls by pointing at the IRTarget.
Easily Expand Any IR System. The In-wall IRTarget works with Audioplex, Niles and Xantech IR systems. Simple, optional connection points enable installations to be made with any IR system.
CeilingirOperational Ease as the ceiling is the natural target for many customers. They feel the most comfortable looking at the remote and holding it angled up. For successful macros in home theaters and comfortable operation in bedrooms, the Ceiling IR is the natural choice.
The Only Ceiling IRTarget Immune From Interference regardless of source. By their very nature, narrow band sensors cannot "see" information (static) outside of their programmed bandwidth. Only modulated IR commands are accepted and relayed to the system...regardless of external sunlight, electromagnetic fields or FR transmissions.
MicroMount IRTarget
MicromountStealth With Talk Back & Status. The MicroMount IRTarget, utilizing Stealth IR technology, is one of the smallest IRTargets residing completely in a thin, tubular enclosure. Both Talkback and Status LED's are built-in for confusion free operation
The MicroMount IRTarget is designed for knockouts on In-wall speakersn (such as our AT-Series) or mount on an equipment cabinet for a flush, clean look.
IrbugnMiniature Stick On IR Emitter attaches directly to the front panel of each audio component. Available in versions with plug-in jacks for the IRStation or with stripped ends for hand wiring. InfloodFlooding IR Emitter simplifies systems where two or three components are placed in one shelf and can be flashed with the ultra-powerful IRFloods. Mount in front, above, below or on the side of the components, the IRFlood saturates each component in the shelf space.
The IRFlood is available in Plug-in version or Hand-wired version. It is also available in a table top version (TB-T), an In-wall version (TB-S & TB-D) and a high powered version (TB-HS & TB-HD).
OA 502 & 602
AT 502, 602 & 802
AT-5R & AT-5S
OaspeakSmooth, Rich Bass Response for Large and Small Outdoor Areas. Available in either the 5" OA-502 or the 6" OA-602, Audioplex's new ultra-rigid polystyrene woofers offer bass response never heard before. Specifically designed to reproduce the exact tones and timbres lost in the outdoors, the OA-502 / 602 both deliver extraordinarily satisfying deep bass with chest thumping impact! Choose the OA-502 when your speakers can be placed within 12' of your listening position and the OA-602 when you have a larger area to cover.
High Technology Enclosure and Brackets are completely weatherproof. A revolutionary new technique enables Audioplex to completely cover all parts of the enclosure with a penetrating and even coating of protective material. Guaranteed not to fade, chip or peel for five years, the grill and enclosure finish protects the OA-Series from the harshest elements.
At502Based on ported acoustical principles (violins, cellos, guitars), the uniquely shaped tubular Acousti-Port on the redesigned AT-Series speakers were researched and molded with the same dedication a fine craftsman spends carving an instrument. By studying the different sound properties of composite materials, the size and shape of the speaker's ports and the way tones would escape from the speaker's body, a new life is brought to music. Finally, a mid-level in-wall speaker has been introduced that will have audiophiles taking note!
Finely tune the AT-Series for rooms with many reflective, hard surfaces or for the rooms with dull, sound absorbing attributes. The in-wall AT-Series features a swiveling tweeter with +/-3 dB of adjustment quickly allowing custom installers to compensate for different room characteristics.

At5sIn-ceiling Speakers designed for a beautiful flush look. Use the AT-5R (round) when speakers need to line up with lighting fixtures and the AT-5S (square) when the speaker is tucked into a corner.

Swiveling, Pivoting Silk-Dome Tweeters so prefesional installers can compensate for room placement problems by directing the sound. The Silk-Dome tweeter provides an extraordinarily broad dispersion pattern uniquely qualifying the AT-5 for unusual mounting positions.

Rich Smooth Bass From the 5.25" woofer's ultra-rigid to reproduce the chestt thumping impact that in-ceiling speakers never seem to have.

Easy installation.

AT6The uniquely shaped tubular Acousti-Ports utilized on the redesigned AT-Series in-wall speakers are what give the AT-5 and AT-6.5 in-ceiling speakers their rich, full sound. Finally, an in-ceiling speaker with real bass output-even at low listening levels. Forget what you used to think about in-ceiling speakers, the AT-Series will even have critical listeners applauding!
Finely tune the AT-Series for rooms with many reflective, hard surfaces or for rooms with dull sound absorbing attributes. The in-ceiling AT-Series also feature a swiveling tweeter with +/-3dB of adjustment quickly allowing custom installers to compensate for different room characteristics and any pacement issues.
AT5sHuge 8" SubWoofer Powerfully augments any in-wall or in-ceiling speaker system. It's built-in crossover eases the task of your stereo speakers and routes all that deep bass energy through its dual voice coil, 8" ultra-rigid polypropylene long-throw sub woofer. You'll be astonished by the difference between the rich sound of a subwoofer enhanced system whether you listen at low volumes or high. Without rich smooth bass, something is missing from the music!

BulkMost speakers can be ordered in bulk packs (6 pairs per pack) for substantial savings.

AT-502 Bulk Pack (6 pairs)
AT-602 Bulk Pack (6 pairs)
AT-802 Bulk Pack (6 pairs)
AT-5S Bulk Pack (6 pairs)
AT-5R Bulk Pack (6 pairs)
AT-6.5 Bulk Pack (6pairs)
AT-780S Bulk Pack (6 speakers)