Concoarse At Structured Security Systems, we provide a fully integrated home wiring system solution to large developers as well as the individual home builder. A ‘wired’ home is one that’s ready for all the new electronic devices and services people are bringing in to their homes – today, tomorrow and in the years to come. A wired home has the computer and communications systems to take care of a ‘home office’ business and help the kids with their homework too. A wired home offers the effieciency and convenience people want in their homes as well as the comfort and security they want for their families.

And in the whole home-wired world, Structured Security Systems will take the time necessary to make you more educated on the options that are available today for tommorrow.

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Video Modules


• 1 GHz 1 x 8 passive APP RF splitter
• one CATV/ANT input to 8 outputs
• all ports power passing
• use as 8 input to 1 output combiner


• telecom/video combo module
• 1 x 6 analog (bridged) telecom
• up to 4 input lines using 110 IDC
• 110 IDCs up to six outlets
• Line 1 RJ31X security connection
• 1 GHz 1 x 8 passive APP RF splitter
• one CATV/ANT input to 8 outputs
• use as 8 input to 1 output combiner

Ethernet Switch
HS-NH8100 • 8 Port 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet switch
• uplink MDI-II port for cascading switches
• auto-negotiation and auto-speed sensing
• collision detect and error frame filtering
• requires HS-HUB100-BRKT
VIDEO_MOD • one channel monaural audio/video modulator
• frequency agile installer selectable channel
• adds RF (video) signal from security cameras or other video sources
• covers UHF 14 to 78 and CATV 65 to 135 (except 95 to 99)